Michigan Militia Stands Up to Governor Whitmer’s Unconstitutional Orders – Blocks Arrest of Barber

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77-year-old Owosso, Michigan barber, Karl Manke opposed Governor Whitmer’s orders that all non-essential industries stay closed. Friday evening, Michigan State Police produced a health protection order from Michigan AG Dana Nessel’s office dictating that Manke close his doors… However, the Michigan Militia is stating that authorities will not be allowed to jail the barber.

A local Fox associate spoke with Daniel Brewer, just one of the militia members standing up for the barber’s freedom to work:

“Yesterday six troopers came in to enforce the governor’s order or to issue a cease or desist order so we are here to make sure he doesn’t get arrested. We’re willing to stand in front of that door and block the entrance so the police will have no entry there today.”

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As relationships intensify between overreaching federal agents and intelligent people who want to open the economy, everyday people like Manke are being entirely let down by the system that claims to only intend to aid them, causing more fury and resentment than federal leaders are prepared to handle. Manke followed the original orders and even closed up his facility, but when his application for unemployment was rejected — twice– he pointed out he had no option except to go back to earning his own living to get by.

Fox reported:

Karl Manke’s Barber & Beauty Shop in Owosso opened Monday morning and received a packed lobby of customers eager for a trim.

The 77-year-old said he followed the order for as long as he could. He said after multiple extensions of the stay-at-home order and no source of income, he had to return to work.

“I’m not trying to be a scofflaw. I’m trying to make a living,” said Manke. “I tried for the unemployment. I was denied twice on unemployment. I haven’t seen anything in one these other checks from the government.”

Manke isn’t hurting for patrons since he opened shop. News reports state there is a line around the block awaiting their turn to get a haircut. Now, we have to ask our federal representatives what good is all of this doing? Officials seem to assume they have all the solutions however they can not provide food to people like Manke… Countless Americans have to hold a job to survive and the government urging they starve to (insert today’s explanation that always keeps changing here) is not maintainable. Individuals are not able to obey indefinitely with never-ending lockdown orders.

Will this situation in Michigan become 2020’s standoff at the Bundy ranch? When government sought to grab the Bundy cattle as settlement for a supposed liability, the militia showed up in order to stand with the ranchers. They eventually caused the government to pull back without a shot fired. Bundy was later exonerated in court and the United States government was embarrassed country wide for attempting to destroy a small rancher. It was a fantastic time in American history that ought to tell the federal government that their power only goes as far as we, the people, let it… and if they use unreasonable force they might be met with soldiers.

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The Michigan Militia seems done requesting reasonable action by the state in relation to Manke’s barbershop and has drawn the line in the sand right in front of Manke’s shop.

Manke has retained legal counsel with the Kallman Legal Group, whom issued a statement alleging that the action by the state is unlawful.

Manke isn’t alone in his fight

Lockdown orders are beginning to be challenged in courthouses across America as business owners become hard up to provide for their households and even pay their employees. Some are risking prison, like salon-owner Shelley Luther in Dallas. Luther was discharged by order of the Supreme Court of Texas after an activist magistrate imprisoned her for resisting lockdown orders. Manke has made it crystal clear that nothing is going to stop him from cutting hair. ***

Manke is sterilizing the shop between clients, limiting the amount of patrons in the facility, wearing a mask, and sanitizing all clippers and combs with a UV light.

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Update May 12, 10:41 a.m.: A Shiawassee Area judge has rejected the state’s request for a temporary restraining order versus Manke. This will provide his attorneys the chance to make the case in the courtroom for why the barber should stay open. Sheriff Brian Begole released a statement Monday stating he would not enforce the AG’s order to close down the facility.


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