MSM and DNC Create Hoax to Claim Trump is Losing Support

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) has been bragging about her teenage supporters sabotaging a Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma last night. At the same time, the media is talking about how the “horrible” turnout is a sign of Trump’s decline.

Shows Tweet from AOC bragging about the sabotage of President Trump's Tulsa, Oklahoma rally.

Thousands of teenagers decided to sabotage the President by reserving seats at the Tulsa, OK rally so real Trump supporters couldn’t get into the stadium? Big deal.

While it is true that the stadium was only at about half capacity, there were over 4 MILLION people watching from the comfort of their own internet powered devices. What a “huge” victory for the leftists…

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Democrats Only Sabotaged Themselves

All these foolish children accomplished was the act of providing proof that Democrats like to manipulate reality. Brainwashed teenagers who aren’t even old enough to vote were manipulated by representatives like AOC to disrupt our political election cycle. If that’s not campaign meddling, I don’t know what is.

In actuality, what they did will likely be a one time occurrence for publicity’s sake. The Trump campaign will upgrade their site and eliminate this possibility from happening again. What’s left? A photo-op for AOC and the left to claim that Trump is losing support and can’t fill stadiums anymore.

The other harsh reality the left will face because of this stunt: loss of trust and support. Nobody likes deceptive behavior. This will only help President Trump win again in 2020. Democrats are handing him the next 4 years on a silver platter.

The Oklahoma rally was intended to be the largest indoor gathering in the world during the coronavirus pandemic that has killed almost 120,000 Americans, put 40 million more out of work and upended Trump’s reelection bid.

Trump’s campaign, for its part, declared that it had received over a million ticket requests.

But in the hours before the event, crowds seemed significantly lighter than expected at the 19,000 seat BOK Center. Campaign officials scrapped plans for Trump to first address an overflow space.

The Daily Mail

Trump’s Sabotaged Attendance Still Better Than EVERY Biden Rally

The Tulsa Fire Department estimated approximately 6,500 people made it into the stadium. Ironically, even with numbers cut so far by sabotage and rioters outside blocking the entrance, the rally’s attendance numbers are many times higher than ANY Joe Biden rally in history.

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