Lee’s Final Victory: Crews Fail to Find Lee Monument Time Capsule Dems Wanted to Replace with BLM, LGBT, COVID Propaganda

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From The National File:

Legendary General Robert E. Lee scored what may have been his final victory Thursday evening as the crew which tore down his Richmond, Virginia statue and was ordered to dig up an 1887 time capsule full of Confederate artifacts and buried beneath the monument failed to locate the capsule. Democrats, led by Governor Ralph Northam, had planned to replace the 1887 capsule with one full of BLM and LGBT memorabilia, as well as an expired COVID-19 vaccine only for Northam to call off the search after more than 12 futile hours.

With the monument to General Lee removed following a lengthy legal battle that only ended once the Virginia Supreme Court packed by a Democrat-led state government paved the way for its destruction, crews commenced their search for the Lee Monument time capsule, spending nearly all of Thursday in pursuit, picking through the statue’s massive concrete base.

At one point, they were forced to pause their efforts when the crane they were using broke down, only to resume and ultimately have the search called off after roughly 12 hours when even a Virginia State Trooper equipped with a metal detector couldn’t locate the capsule, which Democrats had planned to remove and replace with one full of left-wing relics.

After calling off their time capsule removal efforts, Governor Ralph Northam’s Chief of Staff, Clark Mercer, told local media that Democrat officials were “disappointed” that the capsule hadn’t been found, and that efforts would not continue into Friday, though he didn’t rule out a future renewed search. Either way, Mercer said, the new time capsule will still be placed as planned.

“All the literature and documentation, we looked exactly – took all the clues and looked exactly where we thought it would be and it wasn’t there,” Mercer reportedly said of the failed time capsule search efforts. “You can see that’s a pretty large piece of concrete to keep looking through and so, we looked where we thought it was and – doesn’t preclude in the future from finding it – but for right now the mystery will continue.”

The 1887 time capsule, made of copper and buried beneath the Lee Monument, is said to have contained roughly 60 pieces of Confederate and other Civil War memorabilia, including a collection of Confederate buttons and a picture of President Abraham Lincoln lying in his coffin. Officials had planned to remove the capsule and send it to a state Department of Historic Resources lab for inspection.

The capsule with which Governor Northam and the Virginia Democrats had planned to replace it is full of Black Lives Matter, LGBT, and other left-wing oriented memorabilia, including a photograph of a woman displaying the black power fist in front of the Lee monument. It contains an expired Pfizer brand COVID-19 vaccine as well, and even a photograph of the Virginia State Police aiding in D.C. patrol efforts following the mostly peaceful January 6th Capitol Hill protests against election fraud.

According to Northam, efforts to remove and replace the time capsule are all a part of better reflecting “who we are as a people in 2021.”

The Virginia Flaggers blasted Northam and “woke” leftist Democrats over their move to destroy “Virginia’s most cherished war memorial” in a statement given to National File following the monument’s destruction, and used the words of Confederate Admiral Raphael Semmes to taunt the woke left over their failed attempt to remove and replace the Lee Monument time capsule.

“Live asses will kick dead lions,” the Flaggers’ Barry Isenhour told National File in the words of Confederate Admiral Semmes. “There appears to be little difference between the maturity of Virginia’s far-left regime and a 6 year old,” Isenhour then continued. “However even a 6 year old would likely recognize that destroying a war memorial and priceless work of art is wrong.”

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