Joe Biden Gets Cut Off From Intel Briefings With Pentagon – Liberal Media LOSES IT

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Former Vice President Biden is no longer getting intelligence briefings from the Pentagon.

Donald J. Trump is still President. The entire Biden family is full of organized criminals. Now Joe Biden has been cut off from intel briefs with Pentagon officials and the left media are speculating that there is a “Coup” happening in Washington DC.

Just over a month ago the Pentagon started meeting with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris about national security intelligence. It was a bit premature, but…

Just over a week ago the Pentagon restricted the former VP’s access to the briefings.

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Now the left is speculating that there is a “coup” taking place by President Donald Trump and the military, but the truth is:  they are trying to steal an election from the American people.

The President of the United States is still Donald Trump and they hate it. As of now the election isn’t over and is currently CONTESTED by the electors of several swing states.

Rachael Madcow Complaining About Biden Being Restricted From National Security Briefings With Pentagon Officials

The election isn’t over yet

Mainstream media would have you believe that the election is over and Biden is President-elect. MSNBC likes to ignore the lawsuits, voter fraud, foreign interference and criminal investigations into the Biden crime family.

What do you think? Why is Trump going to win?x

Post expires at 11:09am on Tuesday December 22nd, 2020

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Trumps fraud proof is OVERWHELMING and TRUE. Democrats are in for a HUGE surprise. Heheheheh

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