Infowars Shutting Down – What’s Next For The Truth?

It would appear that Infowars will be closing its doors any day now and the future of Alex Jones as an influencer is in question. The deep state is now trying to gain ownership of his private X account, claiming that it’s company property. After the sham trial that seems to have cost Jones his company, the globalist agents will not relent until Infowars is closed.

The Infowars Won’t End

We’re a free site that will always be free. The Infowars will continue, right here. You can’t sue us and claim we are lying for money because we give this to you for free. Use our searchable archives to debunk any talking point that you can’t debunk on your own. Just type in the talking point and it will come up.

Don’t expect Counter Globalist to be a replacement for Infowars. That has never been our goal. We are here to counter the globalist lies.

The Wiki

The Counter Globalist Wiki is coming soon. Soon the world will have access to all of our information in an easy to navigate app and Wiki. This site was built for you. Save the app to your device and lets fight the globalist scumbags together.

Counter Globalist will be here through the election to keep you informed on what’s true and what isn’t. Are you ready for what’s next?