Impeach Obama?

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From Judicial Watch:

Impeach Obama?

The managers of last week’s impeachment trial against President Trump engaged in  “a wild abuse of any sense of due process and justice,” according to Fitton. As the Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton  stated,“ the House managers should be subject to ethics investigations (for) the way they handled this case.” Given that the impeachment managers were selectively pulling video clips out of context and doctoring tweets, “purposely misleading and misreading them,” Fitton argued that the impeachment managers made their case disingenuously. As Fitton argued, “the president neither morally nor legally incited any insurrection.”

In summary, the impeachment “was a power grab by the House Democrats in the sense that they saw an opportunity in using the emotion and anger over the rioting that took place to try to tar and feather (constitutionally speaking), President Trump.” As Fitton continued, “it didn’t work out that way, so now they’re kind of stuck with this albatross of an impeachment.”

As argued in last week’s Issue Deep Dive , the impeachment proceedings establish a precedent which undermines the First Amendment. The Left, Fitton argued, is “trying to outlaw free speech, they’re trying to make it clear that if you raise objections to the way the elections were conducted or raise objections potentially in a way future election will be conducted, you’ll be guilty of inciting violence.” However, while the impeachment trial “set the new standard,” Fitton argued that it does confirm the Senate’s jurisdiction in trying and impeaching former government officials. “Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, James Comey, Brennan, all the rest, any public servant at the federal level… can be impeached and tried… whether or not they were in office,” Fitton concluded.





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