How to 3D Print a Working Liberator Pistol in a Few Hours

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You might be wondering how to make your own firearm for protection. Well, I’ll be happy to walk you through the process.

You should be able to create a fully working “Liberator” single shot pistol in just a few hours of work. We will be providing guides to other weapons in the future.

Step 1: Buy a 3D Printer

First, you need a 3D Printer. If you get the type that prints with UV activated resin you will be able to make metal guns with castable resins or even use harder resins for multi use weapons. I will leave the innovation to you.

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I’m not trying to sell you anything so go find one yourself. The price for a basic 3D printer can range from $100 to $300.

Step 2: Download “DEFCAD” Files

Finding these files can be a tricky endeavor for many inexperienced internet users.

Luckily for you, I will provide a way to get them. I’m not hosting these files on this site because the Governments of multiple nations have gone after the creators and hosts of these files. However, you can use Peer to Peer filesharing to get the files from other people who have downloaded them.

You’re going to need a bittorrent client and PREFERABLY a VPN if you are not interested in being raided by police. It’s not illegal to posses these files in the United States but I cannot attest to the legality in your country if you live outside of the USA.

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People have been arrested for creating 3D printed weapons in the UK and other countries with restrictive firearm laws. Always protect your anonymity online with a VPN!


DISCLAIMER: We don’t condone illegal behavior…

If you wish to obtain these files another way you will want to search for “DEFCAD” on a search engine to find them.

Step 3: 3D Print all pieces for the “Liberator”

This is going to be the most time consuming step.

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You must 3D print all the pieces provided under the folder “LIBERATOR”.

Sand them down so they are smooth. Most of the pieces will not function if you don’t make them smooth.

This is a picture of all the pieces you will need to print (and a bullet).

Shows all the pieces of a Liberator 3D Printed Handgun

Step 4: Assemble the Liberator Pistol

Now you will put these pieces together. Here are videos about how to assemble the weapon and how it works. I’ll let the videos explain assembly.

Step 5: Enjoy your protection

If anyone tries to hurt you, now you can protect yourself. You’ll need .386 calibur ammunition for the Liberator.

Remember that if you used Plastic or weak resin you will only get one shot out of each barrel you print. If you print the barrel with harder resins or caste the barrel in steel you will get many uses out of it.

NOTE: In the USA any 3D Printed gun must contain at least 7 oz of detectable metal to be considered legal to possess.


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