How the Globalists Plan to Make YOU Take Life Altering mRNA “Vaccine”

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What is a vaccine? It’s not mRNA.

Vaccines are deactivated viruses used to encourage the human body to produce antibodies for that virus without the dangers of catching the disease. Of course, there are dangers to vaccines, but I believe in educated consent. If someone wants to take the risk of damaging themselves for life in order to protect themselves from a disease that could potentially kill them, that should be their decision. However, with these mRNA injections, people aren’t being informed. Therefore, they cannot make an informed decision.

Pfizer’s “vaccines” that are currently approved by the FDA are not vaccines at all. What these companies are claiming are vaccines are actually compounds that will use mRNA to make your cells reproduce new cells with altered genetic codes..

mRNA is the “messenger” that your DNA uses to communicate with the cell it resides within as well as other cells in the body. Science tells us that our DNA is replicated when mRNA goes into ribosomes and new cells are generated from the mRNA sequence.

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Pfizer is claiming that mimicking mRNA will not alter your DNA but by definition of the function mRNA plays in our bodies that is FALSE. That is exactly what it does and will always do.

What Pfizer’s mRNA Vaccines Really Do

These biologists are making THE HUMAN BODY generate CORONAVIRUS PROTEINS from YOUR OWN CELLS so it thinks the subject has COVID-19. They theorize that this will make people generate antibodies without having to inject a virus into their bloodstream.

Regardless of your views on the theoretical applications of this “vaccination” process, it has only been tested for 6 months. We have no idea what ramifications will arise from this new system and rushing it through testing makes it more dangerous.

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In the UK clinics that have been administering this shot have been forced to build resuscitation units as well for all the people going into anaphylactic shock. Six people DIED during the Pfizer vaccination trial. Everyone who takes it says they feel like sh*t for a week. But the people in power want to force YOU to take it so you won’t get sick.

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How “They” Plan To Make You Take The “Vaccine”

Hotels are considering forcing guests to take COVID-19 vaccines. Airlines are saying they will force passengers to be vaccinated. Employers are claiming they will not hire people who won’t vaccinate. Banks and all major chain stores already require a mask to enter… They will surely follow suit and require vaccines to bank and shop.

This is the rollout of the Globalists’ dystopic future that people like George Orwell warned the world about. There’s a reason that everything from computer software, phone apps, web browsers, movies and TV Shows have had 1984 or ’84 in their names within the past year.

Google, Microsoft, Activision, Fox, Warner Bros. and HBO Brag About Creating Real Life 1984



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