HOT MIC: Ben Shapiro Tells Staff To ‘Cut’ Pansexuality Comments From Video, Warns ‘I’ll Get Boycotted’

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From The National File:

Daily Wire founder and editor emeritus Ben Shapiro was seen on a hot mic ordering staff to “cut” comments he made on pansexuality during Thursday’s livestream “before it’s like, immediately reposted on the site.” Shapiro expressed concern that “I’ll get boycotted” if the comments were included in the on-demand version of the video.

“So, we are indeed done here today, I have an appointment I gotta get to, thank you guys,” Shapiro says to the audience. “It’s great to see you, and I will see you here next time.”

The camera then continues rolling as Shapiro converses with an employee: “One thing on that episode, the part where I said pansexual – is it ‘pansexualism is weird?’ Can we just cut that?”

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“I can ask,” comes the response, to which Shapiro replies, “That’d be great.”

Shapiro goes on to ask that the comments be removed before the video is “like, immediately reposted on the site,” and explains “it’s like a ten-second bit, it was about halfway through, it’s just on pansexual – I’m like ‘that’s kinda weird, like, you don’t, you like everything?’”

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The “Ben Shapiro Show” host is then asked “You wanna get rid of that?” He responds, “Yeah, it’s just like, it’s nothing, but don’t make it something.”

“I thought that was a funny bit,” the person talking to Shapiro says.

“It is a funny bit, but that’s why,” Shapiro insists. “I’ll get boycotted.”

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