October 23, 2021


Hospital Uses Photo Of Nurse Fired Over Vaccine Refusal In Ad Seeking New Hires


From News Wars:

An Oregon nurse named Tiana Therrien posted on Facebook Friday to express her disgust with her former employer.

Therrien, who used to work for a hospital called Asante, announced that she was losing her job due to her employer’s vaccine mandate.

Next, the nurse revealed Asante is using a photo of her to advertise for the very position she was just forced to vacate.

“Asante is now using a photo of me to advertise replacement of my exact position,” she wrote. “After almost 6 years of working for this company and being thrown away like I am nothing this is just another slap in the face.”

She added, “Good job Asante. Feel free to share so others know what kind of company they’re getting hired onto.”

The advertisement is searching for “top-notch healthcare professionals,” and there is a $750 reward to the person who refers the individual who ends up being hired.

How quickly the establishment went from claiming health care workers are “heroes” to firing them and rubbing their faces in their joblessness.

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