GUN GRABBER: Biden AG Pick Merrick Garland, Failed SCOTUS Nominee, Has Obsessed About Seizing Firearms For Decades

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From The National File:

Democrat President Joe Biden appears to be doubling down on his commitment to trample on the Second Amendment, tapping Barack Obama’s failed Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland to be in charge of the Department of Justice during the Biden Regime. Garland has a decades-long track record of using his position in the judiciary to oppose Constitutional firearms rights.

While the attempt to force Garland into the U.S. Supreme Court during the 2016 election cycle was bungled by then-President Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats, a successful confirmation of the 68-year-old to the AG’s office could place him in an even more dangerous position for law-abiding gun owners.

In 2000, Garland voted to allow the FBI to retain background check records on American citizens – name, address, race, and date of birth – for up to six months, citing a loophole in previous legislation that did not specify the exact timeframe wherein such records had to be destroyed.

In the 2005 case Seegar v. Gonzalez, D.C. circuit judge Garland successfully voted to dismiss a challenge to Washington, D.C.’s unconstitutional handgun ban.

Several years later, the Supreme Court voted to uphold the sanctity of the Second Amendment in Columbia v. Heller by a narrow 5-4 margin, thanks in large part to the efforts of the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Garland voted to re-hear this case, at the time named Parker v. the District of Columbia, appearing to signal support for a return to unconstitutional firearms restrictions.

Garland would go on to vote in 2012 for preposterous 30-year minimum sentencing for individuals who commit “automatic firearms offenses.” Under Garland’s ruling, prosecutors would not have to prove that the defendant was aware of whether the firearm met the court’s definition of an automatic weapon.

Concerns about Garland’s anti-Second Amendment track record were cited as a key factor in the Senate’s refusal to confirm the would-be  Obama appointee to the Supreme Court in 2016.

However, Garland’s appointed to the AG’s office by Biden is unlikely to face any significant opposition in the legislative branch this time around, as the Democrat Party holds a majority in both houses of Congress.

Biden’s fanatical blueprint for taking away Second Amendment rights include a promise to “defeat the NRA,” ban the fictional category of “assault weapons,” limit the number of firearm purchases that can be made by an individual, ban all online sales related to ammunition and spare parts, and a ludicrous proposal to allow only “smart guns” to be sold to the public.

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