Globalists & Antifa Are Planning Terror Attacks To Blame On Patriots

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Globalists are planning a false flag terror attack to blame on Patriots.

Based off of the statements from the DOJ and FBI, law enforcement is worried that there will be violent attacks over Joe Biden stealing the office of the United States President. We know that when they make these claims, it is because they are setting up the attacks.

The FBI has been caught repeatedly entrapping people to create their own terrorists. They will find someone who is suggestable and possibly violent. Then they will encourage the victim and give them bombs that don’t even work.

Miraculously they always manage to “catch” these people with a dummy bomb that THE FEDS gave the “bomber”. The FBI is so worthless, they have to create their own crimes to solve.

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History Repeats Itself

Just like Hitler used the Reichstag fire to justify his actions in World War 2, Joe Biden plans to use false flag “Patriot” terror attacks to label Patriots as domestic terrorists.

In case you missed it, the establishment is on NATIONAL TV asking to put Trump supporters in re-education camps and take their kids away. Labeling Trump supporters as terrorists is the justification that they need to enact their Patriot holocaust.

Fortunately, we are not a disarmed Germany… We were given the Second Amendment for THIS. “To ensure the security of a free state”.

Get Ready For War

Establishment shills are already working on their narrative. They will claim that Patriots started the war so that all the non-thinkers will fight on their behalf. Without useful idiots the communists have no power.

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Regardless of the narrative, be ready to fight and win. We will not go quietly into the darkness.

We didn’t start the fight but we will finish it. The establishment started this fight 80+ years ago.

If we lose, the globe goes back into slavery. Remember that.

Post expires at 10:03am on Wednesday January 27th, 2021

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