GEORGIA AUDIO: Ruby Freeman, Shaye Moss Reportedly Caught Discussing Voter Fraud, ‘Get Me Some Results’

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From The National File:

In a newly discovered video from Fulton County’s Election Night Livefeed, Georgia vote counter Ruby Freeman is seen with her daughter and supervisor Shaye Moss, discussing potential vote stealing with Fulton County Registration Chief Ralph Jones Sr.

The video, posted by Populist Press on Friday, appears to show Freeman, Moss, and Jones discussing ways to successfully commit voter fraud.

Editor’s Note: The audio appears to have been transcribed using audio analysis and filters that isolate speech artifacts, and thus may not be 100% accurate.

At the start of the video, Freeman said “I hope he don’t watching,” appearing to refer to the poll watchers outside of the camera view. Moss reminded her that they were being observed and said “We are on camera.” Freeman then pointed out that the person was “watching his kids,” that she felt that “he is distracted.”

The two then call out for Jones, who approached the front of their table. Freeman pointed to someone outside of the camera view and said to Jones, “He crazy as shit about this whole thing.” Moss added, “crazy about what I did,” as she put her hands over her face. “You should be,” replied Jones. “There’s nothing we can do. We have to stay here all night.”

The two women then pointed in the direction of the camera. “Push all back that?” asked Freeman.

“Thirty thousand,” Freeman said to Jones, who replied, “What are you saying?” Freeman continued, “Thirty thousand is the official…”

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Moss then said “I’m going to vote. It’s time to consider taking out the boxes and doing our thing. That is what you want.” Jones said “Okay.” Moss looked over towards the poll watchers and appeared to make a hand gesture covering her mouth.

Jones told the women “I’m sure you see things and you’re not going to mistake.” He appeared to be referencing the cameras and observers in the room. “One thousand to two thousand. Do you copy?” said Moss. Jones said “Well, I hope that you can do something simple about it come sometime Friday.”

“We took them up already, Washington and the Hill,” said Jones. “Problem is, we asked you to do something about it…You make up an announcement here and you make a movement tomorrow about it. After it, you do something about it…Take that boxes and get me some results.”

“You are the supervisor, part of our county,” Jones told Moss. “Offer excuses, make an announcement. We are paying 100 bucks an hour. Offer excuses.”

An unidentified man loudly interrupted the conversation, prompting Jones to remind him that he was on camera. “Listen carefully. You can be heard,” said Jones. “After. We are staying after.”

Freeman then told Moss, “Well they were idiots. Drive me crazy. This included, I really mean it.” Moss urged Freeman to “stay out of it.”

“We have an entire evening to wipe this over and over,” said Moss. “Sethmon can unlock the machine. The problem is we just have three machines. It’s impossible to watch the flip machine. I thought we just get another one. We’ll need three thousand people to stop it at this point. Including in the count crew upstairs.”

“Alright, do you still think it’s going to be possible?” asked Freeman. “No confidence,” said Moss. “Be positive,” replied Freeman.

Freeman and Moss were previously caught on a now-famous security video pulling out black cases of ballots and counting them multiple times on the same machines, all after observers were instructed to leave, as National File reported. 

In another video posted to Twitter, Freeman reveals an office containing boxes of mail-in ballots as she hushes her viewers. She then sits down at a desk and is given the ballots to “work” on by a man which Freeman calls “Dion.” Freeman says “Now I’m back at work, so give me some work.” At the end of the video Freeman says “Y’all see all this I got here? I got through all this and all these absentee ballots.”

Both Attorney Rudy Giuliani and President Donald Trump have been outspoken about the actions of Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss on election night. The Washington Post even went out of their way to censor President Trump by bleeping out the audio whenever he would say their names in a leaked phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, as National File reported.

“We had at least 18 thousand that’s on tape. We had them counted very painstakingly. 18 thousand voters having to do with (bleep). She’s a vote scammer, a professional vote scammer and hustler, (bleep). That was the tape that has been shown all over the world, that makes everybody look bad,” said President Trump.

It is unclear if Ruby Freeman, Shaye Moss, or Ralph Jones have been investigated or questioned by authorities. The last we heard of Freeman was when she cancelled an interview with Carolyn Ryan and indicated that she will be securing legal counsel, as National File reported. “This is bigger than me,” said Freeman.

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