Former BLM Organizer EXPOSES Infiltration by Antifa, Democrats & Media

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This former Black Lives Matter organizer says he left the movement because it has been infiltrated and hijacked by members of Antifa trying to incite a race war in America.

There are shadowy groups with nefarious motives lurking in the dirty crevices of the world. For example: bad actors like George Soros have been caught in the past funding riots in an attempt to destabilize America and allow Barrack Obama to declare a state of emergency before the election in 2016.

Antifa have been seen on social media threatening to foment a violent revolution.

Now, groups within Antifa have been planning to use Black Lives Matter protests as cover to operate unnoticed. These infiltrators go to protests that are already full of emotional people and start destroying privately owned property, shouting and looting. Others soon follow suit and riots begin.

Organizations like Black Bloc have been using these tactics for years to discredit legitimate protests. In fact, it is probably the same groups behind it today in 2020.

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Transcript for hearing impaired

chazzy Yale science and I haven’t really
been hitting nobody in the head I’ve
been doing a whole lot of growth a whole
lot of growing in the last by in half
two years and I want to make this video
because you know I haven’t really I’ve
been concentrating on just family and
close friends and whatnot just kind of
leaving a movement to the professionals
and was just like you know I’m uh
basically saying like this around the
time I say probably the end of 2015
somewhere in there probably going into
I started to notice I began to notice
coming into the movement which is
already it was it’s been like this for a
long time but I actually started to see
it all online making fake pages and
basically these fake people part of the
black movement or whatever you want to
call it basically you know feeding off
our emotions Tron is trying to get us
involved in things and we’re not
involved in trying to get us to believe
in things that we weren’t familiar with
and basically pushing us or to be more
left in democratic and one thing I want
to say right now is if you are a
revolutionary or anything like that you
don’t even believe you’re not even
supposed to believe in politics so for
the people who still are believing that
this movement this black movement even
some of these white movements are legit
man you have a lot of growing to do I’m
gonna say it again you have a lot of
growing to do and I’m a concentrate
right now anyway on the black leaders
okay the black leaders a lot of the
black leaders and I want I wanna I want
to hit with this video the lot of the
black leaders are straight leading us to
our demise okay they have us working
doing their dirty work
pours their dirty work I mean the
far-left dirty work David got us working
basically for them because how they’re
getting us is they’re playing us
emotionally and they’re basically saying
how races and how messed up guys are
far-right in a neo-nazis are because
they need all the help that they can
so they’re getting me gays they’re
getting people of other cultures the
people of the far left I’m talking about
the far left I’m giving somewhere with
this they’re getting gays they’re
getting black people anybody who doesn’t
like Donald Trump they’re basically
trying to get you to fight for war that
is being started on American turf very
very soon
and they want us to be a part of their
side what I’m trying to get the black
population to understand and overstand
and this is critical is the movement has
been compromised
okay everybody needs to know that the
RBG movement has been compromised BLM if
you are not caught up to BLM it is not
even a real black organization it never
was I actually feel bad that I’ve been
keeping on a lot of this information
cooped up for so long with it I just
felt like you know he wasn’t getting
anywhere but now things all about the
going head hit the fan anyways
if you have any kind of brain you know
BLM is endorsed by the Soros in the
Clinton family if you have any kind of a
brain you know that those same people
don’t give a damn about you and give a
damn about black people don’t give a
damn they’re exploiting the black light
to make money off of you they’re using
your emotions and based off what has
happened to you they’re using that
against you so you can join these evil
demonic people that help to help fight
the people on the far right they want or
not even a follower I want to make this
simple the left is going against the
right it’s a huge civil war that’s being
planned out I want to make this simple
it’s happening right now and what they
want is for everybody to choose a side
consciously or subconsciously now a lot
of these white boys and a lot of these
white people they’ve already chosen
their side okay and what I’m saying to
these people is my people is you’re
setting yourself to get setting yourself
up to get slaughter okay become armed
okay become aware know what’s going on
within the system because right now
there is hidden powers who are
controlling the narrative and they’re
brainwashing you to feel a certain way
about the system about white people
about every race and about yourselves do
not let these be
do not let these evil people do this and
I’m not talking about any particular
right man you got a black people man
like I said the movement has been
compromised the move there is no black
RBG movie if you were claiming BL them
you a real sad motherfucker for the
simple fact of PLM it has always and
from the very beginning was being
promoted and being paid for by Soros and
clean if you think that these people who
don’t have never given a damn about
shoes all of a sudden all of a sudden
they care about the black man’s plight
all of us man y’all pay attention y’all
really gotta pay attention I’m getting
somewhere with this I promise all of a
sudden these
white people on the left and they’ve
been doing this but all of a sudden they
you know are supporting the blank plate
this is all this is all to get as many
numbers as they can on their side to
fight the civil war that they’re
planning out that they’re already being
prepared for you’re going to have to
choose a side
don’t set yourself up to get slaughtered
this is all a being set is huge
propaganda the biggest propaganda that
could be happening right now
what I want people to understand and
overstand and interstate is that we got
to put the race thing to the side right
now we have to put it to the side
because we have to understand what’s
going on in what’s important and the
reason why I’m so important on black
people because I know black people I
okay to live versus right what does that
have to do with us because the people on
the left are trying to use us the people
on the left are using us the Democratic
Party are using black people to fight
their war with auntie Flo with it’s
getting very very deep wait have y’all
know who and Tifa is look auntie for up
uh basically a terrorist group I don’t
know what people believe system is you
call me what you want to call them but
they’re they’re basically like a
militant who in their anti-fascist
that’s what an c4 stands for sense for
an SI fascist and with that being said
this group is being paid for by you
guessed it the younger Rothschilds
the clintons in the solos in the media’s
downplaying this of this group they’re
not telling people about this group but
people on the far left are trying to get
black people and as many people who are
part of the far left to join this side
and what they want to do is they want to
take the guns away from the people on
the far right their whole plan is to
even a playing field because the people
on the far right they deal with guns
they have all the guns and right now as
it stands the people on the left are set
to get slaughtered that’s why they’re
pushing gun laws and pushing gun laws
for the simple fact that if you’re able
to take some of these guns away because
Trump is implementing more gun laws I
don’t care what people feel about shrimp
this is it
I’m not reacting going feelings right
now I don’t want people who come and be
talking about how they feel about people
you think I’m a big chunk fan no I’m
just letting y’all know I’m just giving
the information as I did II this is
yo this is happening right now November
4th is the day that auntie Flo has began
that’s pledge that this war is going to
begin November 4th
2017 and I want everybody to know that
it’s already here with this whole las
vegas thing okay with them attacking
that country movie or that country in
las vegas that country music show or
whatever in las vegas it was pretty much
all white people that was a direct hit
that was a direct hit from the left
party i don’t know if you can say answer
for did it but it was a direct hit from
the left going against the right what i
want black people my people understand
is don’t get involved in something that
has nothing to do with y’all and take
this information don’t let the blacks
and hispanics to run with it
take this information run with this
information this information is out
there if you don’t take my word for it
do your own research because I’m on it
maybe some things that I’m not wording
right it may be some things that I’m not
saying right I’m trying to get people to
understand my people in particular to
understand and everybody to understand
that our little minor differences right
now because trust me I’m Pro black yo
st. that’s what I represent
he don’t matter right now though it
don’t matter right now though you don’t
you going forward black people when you
white a man that’s your prerogative
that’s not what the conversation is
right now that’s not what’s going on
right now it’s so much bigger so much
bigger than the race issue and if people
ask me chess has a yell so it’s either
you go choose which side are you going
with if you got to choose the smart side
I’m damn sure not to go Papa go over
there with Hillary in the sorro’s come
on you got to use your brain as much as
we you have to be strategic in your
movements as much as you feel however
you feel about the right day is straight
forward the people on the Left Alliance
you in trying to get you to do the dirty
work and get slaughtered who represents
well percent of the population okay
you can be whatever you want to be ain’t
trying to dictate what you want to do
but just be sure teaching and how you
moves man you black people with steel
running around talking my hands up don’t
shoot talking about take a knee kneeling
at the UH the football game you got
celebrities being endorsed by these
because they know the best way to get
Negroes is through entertainment we’re
in we’re entertained but these white
people on the far right they ready you
know ain’t trying to juice nobody up
trying to gas nobody up man ain’t got
time for I’m just giving you the
information that’s on presenting ain’t
got time try to gas them walking try to
make it sound like he’s dissing is that
look man all I’m saying hey they got
they goes they ready to go they ready to
go while we’re sitting up trying to be
cute drinking white tears and shit
this is serious young this is 100%
serious never and they’re gonna use you
nigga and emotionally they’re gonna get
you attached to their little movement
auntie putting all this bullshit they
get show head blown off
strategically learn how to move running
around with our BG shirts talk about
fuck America what would what part of
stretch strategy is dead but this
already been 15 minutes me eat is so
much more that’s not even that’s not
that’s not even a super guys
the video all more already 15 minutes no
do your own research in and why people
you do it so cuz ain’t you aren’t make
this about race they come now
white black Mexican they are coming
after this I just want to put that out
the let y’all know for many a man this
is what’s going on going and on
yourselves your main man Chazz Yeltsin
its god bless


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