Firefox Promises to Censor Trump Supporters from Browser, Gets Bombed with Bad Reviews

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Mozilla Firefox creators decide to call half the nation “white supremacists” and threaten to censor the internet.

Mozilla, a company that has always heralded “free speech and expression”, has joined the censorship club with Google and the other globalists. According to a blog post, Firefox will soon be able to filter what its’ users can or can’t see. 

The creators of the FIREFOX browser have promised to censor Trump supporters from the internet. In a delusional blog post on Mozilla’s homepage, they claim that there was an attempt to overthrow our government and it was inspired by President Donald J Trump and his followers.

Mozilla then goes on to claim that purging half of the country from social media platforms and manipulating search results isn’t good enough. In fact, they claim, it’s time to filter what users can see in their browser. They are also encouraging other browsers to do the same. Ironically, Google Chrome switched to “Chrome ’84” this year and added the ability for Google to do exactly this.

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Their goal is to prevent sites like Counter Globalist News from existing and being able to finance ourselves. I recommend going to the Play Store and leaving a 1 star review for Firefox on Android. Let everyone know that we will not be silenced and tank their rating in the process so nobody downloads Firefox.

What’s next?

With every major tech company doing everything in their power to destroy freedom loving patriots how do we fight? We join platforms like Gab and Parler, create our own cell phone companies, our own TV stations and movie production companies. The fight is just beginning.

If patriots intend to survive in this world we need to create alternatives to every form of control the big tech globalists have. Money processing services, Banks, Credit Unions even dedicated Crypto Currencies are all options for us to take. It’s time to make our own internet as well.

We basically need to rebuild everything. It is a daunting task but it can be done… And there is a fortune to make doing it.

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