Establishment Media’s War On White People Begins

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While the mainstream media stirs up racial division and lies about the Ahmud Arbery case, racial tensions are escalating.

Over the weekend in Delaware a 29 year old black man murdered an 85 and 86 year old white married couple. Could it have been a response to the manipulative media stirring up racial problems with their misleading stories about Ahmud Arbery?

The murders took place at the Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery situated on Chesapeake City Road around 10:15 a.m. Friday. This was just after the media began to loop their story that a “Black Jogger Was ‘Lynched’ By White Trump Supporters”.

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Delaware State Police state 85-year old Lidia Marino was pronounced dead on scene. Her partner 86-year-old Paul C. Marino was brought to the hospital in critical condition, where he passed away on Saturday. The husband and wife were from Elkton, Maryland.

This story is a tragedy… An old married couple was mourning at the cemetery and a black man, likely inspired by CNN and MSNBC’s intentionally misleading coverage of Ahmud Arbery’s death, comes from the woods and slaughters them where they stand…

Yet there is no coverage of this story by the media. Could it be that they only talk about white people killing black Americans to cause racial division? Are the media trying to fan the flames and create a race war? Definitely.

Last year, in July, Devonta Allen chased after a car shouting “‘I don’t like white people in my hood” and shooting at the vehicles occupants. You likely never heard of this because it didn’t fit the medias narrative that blacks are the victims of white racism every day in America.

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Teen Shoots at Car Yelling about “white people in my hood”.

“I don’t like white people in my hood”

It happens every few weeks. The media finds out about a black man that was shot to death by whites. Then they start spinning and twisting the story until it fits their narrative. “The horrible racist white people have done it again. Another innocent black man was ‘lynched’ by white Trump supporters.”

In actuality, Ahmud Arbery had a history of criminal behavior. One of the men who chased down Arbery was a former police officer that had investigated Arbery for crimes in the past. The former officer knew he was likely to be armed and dangerous. When Ahmud recognized the former cop he tried to take the shotgun from one of the citizens detaining him, leading to his death. When you grab a gun, you’re armed. Nobody shot an unarmed black man in this story.

Ahmud Arbery was not jogging, he was wearing street clothes and he was over 10 miles from his home. You can clearly see his white T-Shirt and khakis in the surveillance footage from the house Arbery was trespassing inside. There has also been footage released showing the man rummaging through the construction site at NIGHT (not when he was chased down). That means he was there trespassing several times.

It is possible that there was a misunderstanding and he was just looking at a house under construction… It’s also possible that he was there stealing tools from the site. The footage of Ahmud inside the construction site has been kept under lock and key by the media. They have shown about 10 seconds of the 3 minute video. What are they trying to hide?

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When the evidence is examined its pretty obvious that the media is doing what they always do: LYING. Anything to achieve more division in America. Divide and conquer has worked for so long, why change strategies now?


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