Creepy Pro-Biden ‘Oval Pawffice’ Twitter Account Gets Banned, Promptly Blames Newsmax’s Greg Kelly

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From The National File:

The Oval Pawffice, a pro-Biden Twitter account that reposts images of the Biden family’s pets and captions them using childlike prose to mock Republicans and celebrate Joe Biden, has been suspended from Twitter. They promptly blamed Newsmax TV’s Greg Kelly for the ban.

The account, which had mysteriously gained nearly 200,000 followers on Twitter despite having only 20,000 fans on Facebook, was banned by Twitter yesterday without a clear explanation. Some users believe the account likely paid for fake followers, finding it unlikely the novelty Twitter account would have accrued 200,000 followers in such a short period.

On its small Facebook page, the group posted a status that seemed to blame Newsmax TV’s Greg Kelly, who aired a segment discussing the Biden family’s pets on Friday.

“Three grown men attacking my brother Champ,” the group wrote on Facebook. “It’s no coincidence we got suspended on Twitter at the same time. Right wring radicals reported us en masse,” they declared, before using a series of cringeworthy Internetisms about how canines would speak.

In a three page statement on their Instagram, the group begged – quite literally like dogs – for their Twitter account to be reinstated.

“We know Twitter is a private company, and you can ban anyone without explanation,” wrote the account. “Still, knowing we have done nothing wrong, never even used a bad word EVER even though we get cursed at on a regular basis (today the swearing was an actual F U spelled out properly and it came from a verified account because we woofed ‘purrsonally’ insteadof ‘pawsonally’) we can’t help but wonder what is one to do in this situation?” they begged.

“What could this possibly be? What have we done? We don’t spam people, we do not harass people, we talk like dogs and kitties,” the group declared on pages two and three of their statement. “Dear Twitter Safety, we ask you to please take a look at our account and restore it. Thank you furry, furry much. Woof!”

Twitter has yet to comment on the ban, and is unlikely to review their decision, based on their track record of banning political accounts with limited cause and with impunity over the last five years.

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