CNN Claims that President Trump is Considering Martial Law, Here’s Why He SHOULD

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The Insurrection Act was created for times like these. Martial Law might be the only way that we can get a fair election.

Leftists over at CNN are freaking out over the possibility that the President may declare “Martial Law”. This may sound extreme but there are actually many reasons that Trump should consider doing it.

General Flynn, along with Virginia state Senator Amanda Chase, have both recommended delcaring a state of emergency and redoing the elections in swing states. This advice is not unwarranted.

There has been countless examples of voter fraud in the past month. Not only that, China has been found to be the ones behind the election rigging with DOMINION Voting Systems. This directly enacts the President’s executive order about foreign election meddling.

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The so called “Insurrection Act” was created to be used in case of rebellion or insurrection. Stealing an election by fraud is by many definitions insurrection. Honestly, Trump may have no choice but to enact a State of Emergency and force the corrupt municipalities in all the swing states to have a redo of the election. Why exactly are the left acting like the desire to have clean elections is evil?

What are you affraid of Democrats? If there was no fraud as you claim, investigations into the election wouldn’t have mainstream outlets and all their viewers sweating bullets.

We will #StopTheSteal one way or another. January is going to be an interesting month for the United States of America. Conflict is hanging in the air like electricity, ready to strike at an instant. Unfortunately, it will likely turn violent.

Thomas Jefferson warned that liberty must be fed the blood of patriots and tyrants every few generations. Ben Franklin warned that every 200 years or so there must be revolution because governments become stale and corrupt. This nation is 244 years old.

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Post expires at 10:39pm on Wednesday December 23rd, 2020


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