Canadian Police Attack Man, Kick Him in the Balls and Cut His Skates off With a Knife for Violating COVID orders

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This tyranny is what’s coming to America. Next stop, the United States.

Canadian police are shown in shocking video footage beating on a hockey player for “violating COVID restrictions”. According to Canadian law it’s fine when police kick a man in the balls repeatedly, threaten to tase him and eventually beat him for playing hockey outside.

All this is over a virus that isn’t actually that deadly. Or is it?

Has it ever been about a virus? Or has it been about tyrants seizing more power?

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There’s a reason that major companies keep titling things with “1984” in the past year… They are bragging about creating a real life 1984. A world where “2+2=5” because the government says so. 

Watch Police Violate a Hockey Player’s Rights, Assault Him and Cut Off His Skates With a Knife

From The Blaze:

“Disturbing video is coming out of Canada showing police officers assaulting and aiming a taser at a young man for playing ice hockey at an outside rink in Alberta.

A viral video shows Calgary police shutting down a pickup ice hockey game at an outside rink. The cops claim that the game was violating public health orders. There were reports of 40 people at the Southwood community rink and skatepark.

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According to the Alberta government website: “Outdoor team sports must also be limited to 10 people or fewer and 2 metre distancing must be maintained at all times.”  ”   

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