Couple of Libtards Throw Hot Coffee in Man’s Face for Not Wearing Mask – Get Asses Beat

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Couple learns what happens when you throw HOT coffee on people

“I’m like bleeding out of my face right now”

In a new viral video a couple of Karens (one was a man) were harassing two men about not wearing masks. They apparently didn’t know they were being filmed because they both launched HOT coffee into a man’s face and then acted like victims when he defended himself. If you throw hot coffee into a man’s face you deserve to get your ass kicked.

They actually had enough nerve to call the police and claim they were assaulted. Of course this video disproves their story. Watch it for yourself below and then make sure to share it everywhere so the real victim doesn’t go to jail.

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UPDATE: According to reports, the police laughed at the two masked assailants when they arrived and found out that they had started the altercation. The man who had coffee thrown in his face chose not to press charges on the couple.

From IBTimes:

According to the Reddit user who posted the video the couple tries telling the cops that the man attacked them “unprovoked,” but his friend presented them with the bodycam and officers made the couple apologize to the men.

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Man bleeding from his nose on phone with police.


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