Black Supremacy on the Rise in America

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Establishment media outlets, book publishers, TV streaming services and college professors have waged a concerted effort to inflame Black Supremacy in America. Some may claim that there’s no such thing as Black Supremacy. In fact, the establishment has gone as far as redefining “racism” to fit the narrative that only white people are racists.

Black Supremacists have recently forced Webster to change their dictionary definition of racism to fit the establishment’s narrative. It was: “prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.”

Black Supremacist groups like the Black Israelites and the “Nation of Black Islam” are both recognized by the FBI as hate groups. Yet the neckbearded “intellectuals” in colleges across the country are being taught a different definition of racism in their textbooks.

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Why People Say Black’s Can’t Be Racist

The dispute about Black Supremacy en regards to whether all individuals can be racist, or only white people, originates from 2 separate meanings of “racism.” One camp subscribes to the conventional encyclopedia definition: racism is “discrimination, bias, or incongruity routed against a person of a different race based upon the belief that a person’s very own race is superior.” There are no limitations on which races can be the provocateurs and what size of disdain counts as “supremacy.”.

The other camp believes that racism means a race needs to have power to initiate systemic racism over other races to be “racist”. As one African-American lead character from the 2014 Netflix propaganda piece “Dear White People” says, “Black people can’t be racist. Prejudiced, yes, but not racist. Racism describes a system of disadvantage based on race. Black people can’t be racists since we don’t stand to benefit from such a system.”

What a delusional way to exempt oneself from the tag of bigot. Under this newspeak definition, yes, black individuals can not be racist. According to this altered definition, the system is rigged for white individuals, who have generally been in power.

An unusual ramification of this statement is that being called “prejudiced” isn’t as bad as being called a “racist”– although bigotry can manifest itself as prejudice, and though prejudice surely is not desired either… This argument achieves the manipulative objective that establishment shills use to divide America. Convince Minorities that it’s okay to hate white people and that they’re the victims of “institutional racism”.

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Claiming that minorities have no power to act on racial animosity, and thus can’t be racist, is reductive. We shouldn’t have to take stock of each other’s race and relative power in culture before making a judgment on an act itself. We shouldn’t need to pardon bias or discrimination against anyone, for any reason.

Bigotry is individual, not just institutional. As individuals, all of us have the power to injure one another. Nevertheless, though power dynamics of race in our culture should not absolve some races from the capacity to be racist, they ought to affect how we figure out degrees of bigotry.

Black Supremacists Are Pushing to Bring Back Segregation

Since the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement started there have been racists in the black community who promote the return of segregation. They have literally created non white zones on college campuses for minorities to have “safe spaces”. In the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” (CHAZ) the black community has called for making white people work the farms as slaves. CHAZ also had a “Juneteenth” celebration where everyone who wasn’t black was banned from entry.

Shows sign to Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone aka CHAZ

Surely MLK would be proud.

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Black on White Hate Crimes on the Rise

In the past month there have been several dozen attacks on white people by racist blacks. Of course the news networks ignore these stories because they don’t fit the narrative that blacks can’t be racists. These black people will never be charged with “hate crimes”; nothing like what would happen if the situation was inverted.

This belief has emboldened many racists in the black community. Now our society is on the verge of a race war and it’s because of Black Supremacy and the manipulation of the public through media.

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