Bill Gates is Waging War on Meat & the Media is Helping

Google promoting the end of meat in America

If you check google today for what’s going on with meat you’ll find an interesting trend. Everyone is suddenly saying meat is not “sustainable”; something straight out of UN’s Agenda 21 playbook. The New York Times has gone as far as claiming that it is racist to eat meat! There is a campaign by Bill Gates and the mockingbird press to end the consumption of meat in America. We will expose it here.

Bill Gates & “Impossible Meat”

Bill Gates has invested very large sums of money into the “meat alternative” industry in the past decade… But why would Gates want the world to stop eating meat? Regardless of what Snopes tells you, the estrogen inside “impossible meat” is horrible for men.

Mr. Gates has been promoting the consumption of “meat alternatives” for many years. Actually, since 2013, when he invested in “Beyond Meat” he started to constantly make appearances in media outlets talking about how bad eating meat is for the world. Human beings are supposed to eat meat. Without it, people develop creatine deficiency and it can actually impair the individual’s IQ. Yes, there have been scientific studies.

There are 1 million nanograms (ng) in one milligram (mg). That means an impossible whopper has 18 million times as much estrogen as a regular whopper. Just six glasses of soy milk per day has enough estrogen to grow boobs on a male. That’s the equivalent of eating four impossible whoppers per day. –Dec 27, 2019

Recently farmers have been complaining that federal agents have been making them kill perfectly healthy livestock like cows and chickens and even dump truckloads of fresh milk because the FDA claimed there was an overload of supplies. In other words, they are creating a food shortage to keep costs high. Its always about the money.

Media blamed the coronavirus for “breaking up the supply chain” but the truth is that the rich bastards who run the supply chains allowed everything to fall apart to create a panic. There’s never been a shortage of toilet paper at the factories, yet the store managers never seem to know how to order enough supplies to keep their shelves stocked. Think about that for a moment.

Farmers killing chickens, pigs, dumping milk

“Nothing makes us prouder as a farmer than producing high-quality milk,” said Rexing, who owns New Generation Dairy in Owensville. “And when you can’t finish it and see it in consumers’ hands …”

In the COVID-19 era, there was nowhere else for that 30,000 gallons of milk to go but worked into his land. 

The demand for milk and other dairy products was high, but the coronavirus pandemic disrupted the supply chain and created a host of problems that stood in the way of getting products from the farms to the stores.


Shelves Should Be Stocked

People who spend their lives managing stores and refilling their shelves use advanced software to manage their inventories and predict future demand based off of current sales. They should have no trouble restocking their shelves within a week or two at most. There has been no gas shortage stopping trucks from travel; no quarantine orders on a national scale to stop them either. In fact, social media has been full of posts about truckers being essential workers and how fast food restaurants have been accommodating with walk up orders for truckers being allowed during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Thank a Trucker on Twitter Coronavirus Support

So why are we being fed this lie about meat shortages? Why are they trying to get men to eat foods high in estrogen? You tell me.

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