Biden’s Mileage Tax Will Cost Average American Family $2,288/Year, $1.99/Gallon


Biden’s 8 cent mileage tax might not seem like much at first glance. But when you do the math, Biden’s mileage tax will cost the average American family $2,288 at the end of the year. When you do the math this tax is equivilant of charging about $1.99 TAX PER GALLON. Biden has secretly raised the gas prices by two dollars! Let’s break down the numbers.

The statistics used for these eqauations are from 2019 because that’s the last time the government posted a study on it.

The average American vehicle gets fuel economy of 24.9 miles to the gallon. Just multiply the numbers.

24.9 x .08 = $1.99 per Gallon

The average American family has 2 vehicles, each of which travel an average of 14,300 miles per year. That’s 28,600 miles per family which turns into $2,288 after you do the math.

28600 x .08 = $2,288 per Year

Can the average family afford almost two thousand dollars in extra taxes every year because of “climate change”?

Just like everything the global establishment does, they will claim its for good but they are just evil.

Luckily you can reset your digital odometer to avoid this tax and we’ll be posting guides on how to do it very soon. Taxation is theft anyways so it’s time to do something about it.

I don’t know about you but I’m not paying one mile’s worth of this Biden mileage tax. As far as I’m concerned I’m not paying taxes without representation. And this crooked, criminal government does not represent me in any form.

While we’re talking numbers, remember that it only takes 3% to win a revolution. Next time one of these tyrants gets ballsy perhaps we should remind them of why we have a Second Amendment. “To secure a free state”. It doesn’t take “nukes and F-15’s” as Biden said… It just takes a small group of patriots to stand united against tyranny. They are cowards with advanced technology and a lot of money. But they have no spirit.

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