October 23, 2021


Biden: Port of LA to Open 24/7 to Ease Record Backlog


From Epoch Times:
LOS ANGELES—President Joe Biden announced today the Port of Los Angeles will begin operating around the clock to ease a historic backlog of goods parked offshore—brought on by the pandemic—but cautioned all chinks in the chain of providing goods to U.S. consumers would additionally need to step-up operations. Along with Biden’s announcement, White House officials, including Vice President Kamala Harris, met virtually with local port industry executives today to discuss the need to recruit and retain more long-haul truck drivers, a shortage of which has exacerbated the backlog. Americans are noticing “how hard it is to buy things and how hard it is to get a range of things from a toaster to sneakers to bicycles to bedroom furniture,” Biden said, announcing the changes. The Port of Los Angeles, which transfers containers from ships to delivery trucks, will now operate 24/7—nearly doubling its operations. A similar plan is already in …
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