Arizona Just Secretly Passed a Vaccine Mandate


Arizona governor Doug Ducey (R-AZ) has passed a vaccine mandate on his voters. According to Arizona Revised Statutes Title 36, Section (c)1 Ducey has the authority to “Mandate treatment or vaccination of persons who are diagnosed with illness resulting from exposure or who are reasonably believed to have been exposed or who may reasonably be expected to be exposed.” Governor Ducey had this law changed to include mandatory vaccines.

Doug Ducey Knows COVID-19 is Just a Hoax

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey stands next to group of 7 men. He's clearly not social distancing or wearing a mask. Caption reads: Governor Ducey, that's not social distancing Doug Ducey should probably resign and not come back to Arizona.

A picture of Gov. Doug Ducey at a get-together without putting on a face mask or exercising social distancing is spreading on social media, raising concerns regarding how thoroughly the Republican politician is following his personal COVID-19 prevention guidance.

The Governor’s Office, in the meantime, has disregarded the picture as an unjustified “personal attack” fashioned to misinform voters.

Phoenix local Carter Santini posted the picture to Twitter on Sunday. It reveals Ducey standing right by many other people at what appears to be a backyard event, chatting next to a swimming pool and cocktail tables embellished with white and red runners. A caption displays: “Governor Ducey, that’s not social distancing.”

A text exchange submitted along with the photo stated that it was taken at a Brophy College Preparatory graduation party on July 6, when most of the state had face-mask requirements in place, and COVID-19 infections were soaring.

Arizona isn’t alone.

Most state governors have enacted a “state of emergency” over COVID-19 and in those laws are hidden vaccine mandates. The deep state wasted no time taking your freedom away. Is it any wonder that they won’t relinquish their deathgrip on Americans? Tyrants love power.

I don’t know about you, but I will kill someone if they ever try to inject anything into my body against my consent. That is my line in the sand.

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