Anyone Who Says Joe Biden is President is Stupid or Lying

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Yea, I went there. If you think Joe Biden is “President-elect” then you’re an idiot.

There are still many legal suits still in progress that can change the results of the election. According to Lin Wood and countless other constitutional experts: the only date that was proclaimed by our forefathers was January 20th. That means the “deadline” being created by the media for electors is irrelevant.

This year’s election is still contested. Not only are there several massive lawsuits that could flip hundreds of thousands of votes in an instant… The electors of most swing states are contesting the current results. Because of this, the voter fraud that was committed will get national attention and the establishment will finally burn to the ground. Nobody can protect the Globalists from the sunlight forever.

Voting machines are being seized and audited then being found to purposely flip votes. The code within those machines is written to steal elections. The company in question, Dominion, is connected to China, as well as many of our elected officials.

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Poll workers were caught on film counting hidden stashes of Joe Biden ballots, filling out blank ballots, throwing away Trump ballots, giving out Sharpies to invalidate Republican ballots, locking Poll Watchers out and blocking the windows of polling stations where ballots were being counted.

Many swing states had voter registrars showing more registered voters than the maximum amount of possible voters in the states. The most notable county found being New Mexico’s “Harding County (177%)”.

Statisticians are pointing out that the fluctuations in vote counts are nearly impossible. According to experts much smarter than you or I, Biden should not have been able to steal the lead while we slept on the night of November 3, 2020.

This election was a fraud and Biden is not the President.

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