EXCLUSIVE: CDC’s Numbers Show 100% Statistical PROOF That 300,000 “Extra People” Did NOT Die in 2020

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Originally Published January 6, 2021

Just days ago all major news outlets made the claim that there were “300,000 extra deaths in 2020”. This is a LIE and we’re going to prove it. There were only about 30,000 extra deaths in 2020. Here’s the breakdown on the statistics.

We’ve been waiting until the CDC finally put out the death toll for 2020. Typically, at the end of December, the CDC puts out a report that lays out the death rates in the United States. In 2020 they did not release that report and thus, I had to dig to find these numbers in obscure locations.

The spreadsheet I used to calculate the death rates will be provided here for everyone to verify on their own. All data sources and figures are on this spreadsheet.

Every mainstream outlet (including FOX News) has made the audacious claim that there are “300,000” more deaths than normal in 2020. I’m about to show you why that is a LIE. Let’s take a look at the death rates for the last decade in the United States.

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EXHIBIT-1: Death Rates vs Population in United States 2010-2020

-2010 -0.80%
-2011 -0.81%
-2012 -0.81%
-2013 -0.82%
-2014 -0.82%
-2015 -0.85%
-2016 -0.85%
-2017 -0.87%
-2018 -0.87%
-2019 -0.87%
-2020 -0.88%

When you calculate the rate of deaths compared to the current US Population you get the “death rate”. If you multiply that percentage by 100,000 you will get the number of people projected to die in every 100,000 people. As you can clearly see, the rise of ONE HUNDREDTH OF A PERCENTAGE is quite insignificant and the death rate typically fluctuates around that amount on a regular basis.

We can look at the data from the past decade to get an idea of what is “normal” when talking about death rates. Looking at both EXHIBIT-1 and EXHIBIT-2 we can clearly see that there are no anomalies that stand out in any of those years; much less 2020.

EXHIBIT-2: Graph of Death Rates by Year


Debunking the 300,000 “Extra Deaths”

To debunk this claim we need one simple equation. If we take the death rate from 2019 and apply it to the population of 2020 we will get a projection for what the death total would have been based on 2019’s rate. The number that you will come up with is 2,876,828. Lets compare that number to the actual death toll for 2020 (which is 2,913,144). The difference is only 36,316. So where’s the other 263,684 “Extra Deaths” in 2020? They don’t exist and never did.

Feel free to fact check my math and then SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE.

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